Thursday, October 20, 2011

Session 4 - Question 1

Chapter 12 may apply to any number of students. In your opinion, why is it important for you as a parent and/or educator to understand the importance of labels for children…especially gifted children?

Session 4 - Question 2

What were some “eye openers” throughout chapters 12-15 regarding giftedness?

Session 4 - Question 3

Would you recommend this book to others in education? Why or Why not?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Session 3 - Question 1

What insights did you have regarding gifted students/children and their parents?

Session 3 - Question 2

After reading chapters 7-11 do you think it is important to teach gifted students about what it means to be "gifted"? Why or why not? Site page numbers to support your answer.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Session 3 - Question 3

As educators, why is it significant to continue to learn about gifted students and their world?

Session 2 - Question 1

The topics stressed in Chapter 4 apply to parents and other caring adults. What “golden nuggets” will you incorporate into an educational setting? Remember to give the page numbers to support your answer and help others locate what you referenced from the chapter.

Session 2 - Question 2

Why is it important to teach our gifted students about self-management? Use sections from Chapter 5 to support your answer and include the page numbers.

Session 2 - Question 3

While reading Chapter 6 did you see yourself or any of your current students described? Explain and site page numbers.

Session 1 - Question 1

What were your “A-ha’s” as an educator while reading the selections, Preface and Introduction, written specifically for parents of gifted children?

Session 1 - Question 2

Describe one characteristic of gifted children from Chapter 2 and one idea from Chapter 1 that were new concepts for you or was a needed refresher of past learning.

Session 1 - Question 3

The title of Chapter 3 is “Communication: The Key to Relationships”. Select two points of interest from this chapter and tell how you will apply those ideas into an educational setting. Include page numbers for fellow participants.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children
James Webb, Janet Gore, Edward Amend, & Arlene DeVires

Learn of the joys and challenges that parents of gifted children experience with few resources to guide them through the parenting years. Throughout this 5 star-rated book you find stories and reliable facts and information for parents and educators. Although the book’s targeted audience is parents of gifted children, educators will find it rich with ideas to help understand the characteristics of gifted children, their social and emotional needs, how to establish open lines of communication, teaching Self-Management, discipline, underachievement, motivation, along with perfectionism, idealism and much more.

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